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Instant power engineering is one of the nimble-fingered multi brand Silent Diesel Generator sales and service provider in india . We manufacture sound proof silent canopy for Diesel Generator set ranging from 10kVA to 2000 kVA , Which are widely used in many fields. Our trained professionals ensure each and every product to be free from all the flaws and provide them at most reasonable prices.

  • Hard frame
  • Appreciable working
  • No maintenance

Solar Panels

we are engaged in offering an excellent quality range of Solar Panel. Our provided panels are designed and manufactured from vendors end using high quality components and progressive technology in tandem with set industry standards.

Sound Proof Acosutic Enclosure

INSTANT POWER ENGINEERING is a Leading Generator Sound Proof Canopy manufacturer and supplier in India of a diverse range of Soundproof Acoustic Enclosures For DIESEL GENERATOR range from 10 to 2000 kVA, Soundproof Acoustic Enclosures For Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Soundproof Enclosures For Heavy Machines, Blower Acoustic Enclosures, Compressor Acoustic Enclosures, Soundproof Canopy for Sand Blasting Machine, Soundproof Acoustic Enclosures for Motors and Room Acoustic Enclosures etc...

INSTANT POWER ENGINEERING almost exclusively recommends a powder coated paint finish on our entire canopy. We feel powder coating is superior to paint and is the best choice in terms of price and quality.

Our Diesel Generator set Soundproof Canopy ranging from 10 kVA to 2000 kVA. Absorb most of the RADIATED SOUNDS with performance ratings guarantee sound levels of no greater than 68—75 DBA AT 1 meters under free feel condition. Our systems are built in on a modular concept and can be easily detached. Our ACOUSTIC ENCLOSURE incorporates a ventilation system which enables heat dissipation and efficiently cools down the enclosed GENSETS.

  • Completely smart new canopy.
  • Excellent sound proofing system.
  • High quality components (CRCA mild steel sheet or galvinized iron sheet, locks & hinges are in stainless steel).
  • PU foam (or) Rock wool with tissue paper, perforated sheet) used as per GOEM standard.
  • Colour, texture or glossy finish as per customer requirement.
  • Aesthetically designed, weather and sound proof resistant enclosure.
  • Robust and modular design.
  • High attenuation capabilities.
  • Lowest life cycle costs.
  • Vibration free enclosures.
  • Easy accesing door for service
  • Easy monitoring window provided.
  • User-friendly (low maintenance).
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Self ventilated, ensures better genset performance.
  • Guaranteed quality of work by trained & experienced engineers.

We exclusively use powder coating on our entire canopy panel with 7 tanks process.

Powder Coating Process Overview:

TANK-1 Decreasing
Room Temperature process, during 30 – 40 minutes , for cleaning the Sheet Metal dirt surface like soils, oils, grease, oxide films, welding scales, heat treatment etc.. by ALKALINE DEGREASER.
Demineralization (DM) water process to remove Mineral ions.
Room Temperature process, during 20-30 minutes, for cleaning the Sheet Metal surface of rust by mixed HYDROCHLORIC ACID.
Demineralization (DM) water process to remove Mineral ions.
Room Temperature process, during 20-30 minutes, for activating the Sheet Metal surface for phosphate coating by ACTIVATION CHEMICALS.
Room Temperature process, during 10 – 20 minutes, for smooth coating of Sheet Metal surface with ZN by ZINC PHOSPHATE ACID.
Demineralization (DM) water process to remove Mineral ions.
Room Temperature process, during 10-20 minutes, for sealing pores of Sheet Metal surface for obtaining maximum corrosion resistance over phosphate coating by DECXYLITE SOLUTION.

AND DRY OFF : 150 Deg c process, duration 10-20 minutes, for drying Sheet Metal parts by HOT AIR Powder.

The first step in either painting process is to sandblast the product after fabrication is complete. Sandblasting is used to remove mill scale, oil, and rust which commonly comes on freshly manufactured steel. On projects getting repainted, sandblasting is used to remove any old coatings still on the product. The medium used for sandblasting can range widely from biodegradable options such as walnut shells to manufactured steel grit. Most mediums can be re-used a few times before disposal and each have their own advantages and specific applications. Sandblasting strips all the surface oxidization off of steel so it will rust within hours when exposed to the correct atmosphere. Keeping this in mind, it will important for the product to stay inside a dry environment after it is sandblasted.

The next stage is to start applying the powder. The operator will begin with a zinc based primer which is applied through a special electrostatic or corona gun. The electrostatic gun applies a +charge to the powder as it is discharged from the gun. These positively charged powder particles are attracted to the negatively (grounded) work piece. This causes two interesting phenomenon’s that help the paint process. First, the powder is physically attracted to the work piece so there is minimal over spray. Second, if you try and apply the powder coat too thick in an area, the density of the positive charge will actually repel the powder and prevent it from being applied too thick.

Once the powder is applied evenly to the work piece, it is moved from the powder coating bay into the oven where it is heated up to gel the primer. It is important to note that you will need a plan to move the product around gently as the powder is not adhered to the work piece (it clings using static electricity). Touching it or bumping the work piece too hard will cause a defect in the finish. The work piece will stay in the oven for a predetermined amount of time which is based on volume of steel being heated.

After the primer is heated up or “gelled” it is moved back into the powder coating booth where the finish coat is applied. The final coat is usually a customer-driven colour and is applied in the same manner as the primer.

The last stage is to bake the product in the oven until it is completely cured and ready to go to the next stage of manufacturing.


We also have a technologically advanced range of Invertors for our clients based across the country. These power saving equipment are sourced from reliable and trusted partners in order to assure optimum quality, low maintenance, easy usage and longer functional life.


We can provide best quality imported Batteries. These Batteries can be customized as per our precious customers specifications. These Batteries are widely known for its durability and quality.

Battery Type Genset kVA Rating Voltage System
GP110D31R 5 - 160 12V
GP110D31L 82 - 380 24V
GP115E41R 380 - 1010 24V
Battery Type part number Capacity (AH) 20 HR (REF) maximum overall dimensions Nominal filled weight (kg) Electrolyte volume (LTS) Charging Current (AMPS) CCA at (-)18oC as per Battery Layout
110D31R FGPO-GP110D31R 90 305 173 225 22.2 5.0 5.5 576 720
110D31L FGPO-GP110D31L 90 305 173 225 22.2 5.0 5.5 576 720
115E41L FGPO-GP115E41L 105/td> 410 176 223 28.1 6.1 6.5 660 825
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